Slowing Down to Speed Up

As a long-time Contact Improvisation practitioner and teacher (since 1977) injured both on and off the dance floor, I continue to return to the form. This course reflects my interest in exploring Contact from the perspective of studying micro-movements (or deep Somatic principles) to support the larger macro movements (full weight bearing and weight lifting). Taking time to study one’s inner body connectivity can facilitate an ability to speed up the learning process, therefore, bringing astute awareness to a wider range of desired movement choices be they larger, smaller, faster or slower. My journey as a chronically injured dancer has lead me to train in several Somatic Systems. Principles from these systems, which help re-educate habitual movements patterns and intervene in the chronic injury process will be incorporated into this workshop. They include: Body-Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies, Release Technique and Authentic Movement. We will focus on sensing, feeling, mobility, stability, organ rolling, walking, falling through kinetic chains, and many other movement interactions with a consciousness of comfort, perception, ease, fun and self-education. We will work primarily with ONLY partial weight exchange. Everyone welcome.