Upcoming Workshops and Programs

The Somatic Education Module

Moving On Center at the FINNISH HALL, BERKELEY! (4 extended weekends)

Core classes / workshops include:

    • Experiential Anatomy
    • Axis Syllabus
    • Developmental Movement
    • The Alexander Technique
    • Laban Movement Analysis
    • BodyMind Centering®
    • Hakomi Somatic Therapy
    • Somatic Integration


FACULTY: Martha Eddy, G Hoffman Soto, Carol Swann, Vitali Kononov, Diane Elliot, Peggy Hackney, Shai Lavie

    This dynamic movement based training integrates various somatic modalities that give you specific skills to develop your body connectivity, re-pattern habitual alignment and movement patterns, increase your kinesthetic awareness through embodied anatomy and learn skills for deepened communication with self and others.
    The core curriculum is supported through additional classes that serve to build community within the group and provide opportunities for deeper integration of the material.


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