Somatic Therapy

Rooted in the lineages and principles of the Hakomi Method and Arnold Mindell’s Process Work, Carol’s approach to somatic therapy creates a dynamic container for individual, couple and relationship work. In private practice since 1991, Carol is a graduate of the Hakomi Institute of California, certified by the Process Work Institute of Portland and trained in the 70’s in Re-evaluation Counseling. Additionally, her work in Social Somatics brings an awareness of the larger social issues that can often be in the background, invisible without an outer witness to name and unfold them. Carol’s focus is to support each client’s work with compassion, curiosity and ease in order to unravel each individual’s own truth and the patterns in the way.


“Working with Carol was like having a trusted guide into my own emotional terrain, as experienced through bodily sensation. Accessed through awareness and visualization these once foreign internal landscapes became comfortable and navigable territory and I developed a curiosity about the subtle sensations in my body and learned to express these bodily “thoughts” through sound and movement. I believe that Carol taught me to use my whole body to see.” – Robin

“Carol skillfully provided support and interventions in ways familiar and unique from my previous therapy experience. Carol created a very kind and effective rapport that allowed me to have broader access to my distress and challenges. She helped me to gain perspective and awareness to differentiate between my trauma and everyday incidents that helped my distress from growing to global proportions: and she subtly and skillfully reflected back to me my own courage and power through our work so that my overall sense of agency to make positive choices was advanced.” – Wendy

“Within our first session, I realized that with Carol I was dealing with an incredible therapist. In the first two sessions I was able to metabolize much of my grief, after which Carol began to guide me into an inquiry into my deeper issues. I will always remember the session in which, in a radical and unexpected way, she “stepped forward” and emphatically brought my attention to … the core of my suffering.” – Alex