Social Somatics operates on the understanding that the individual "soma" is not separate from its experience in the social context that shapes it. The exploration of Social Somatics is the relationship between our inner embodied experiences and the social systems that shape our lives. Unlike conventional Somatics, it consciously activates awareness of our social bodies to transform internalized, relational, structural and cultural conditions that impede wellness (for deeper understanding of Social Somatics and it's role please see Key Principles of Social Somatics). We suggest “Deep Democracy” (see Process Work/Arnold Mindell) as one guiding principle to support networks of co-evolutionary conditions for world healing. Deep Democracy invites and engages all perspectives without privileging any particular narrative/s. Participants learn to see all parts in the whole system, and develop skills to address the these multidimensional parts together, rather than just their part (or former perception of their part in it). Socially somatic living ascribes to a primary principle of living in co-operation and sharing resources equally. This includes making somatic education accessible to all. (written by: Zea Leguizaman and Sam Grant with additions from  Carol Swann and Martha Eddy) Key Principles of Social Somatics Classes and Workshops exploring Social Somatics
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