Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique aims to promote an improvement in the functionality of our bodies. Another way of thinking about this is that we learn to re-organize our alignment appropriately and relearn more efficient movement pathways. 

The learning centers around identifying movement patterns that produce pressure and imbalance on your musculoskeletal system, which in turn disrupts your ability to move comfortably, affecting your breathing, articulation, digestion, mental attitude and emotional equilibrium. In this training we learn how to re-educate ourselves into a new anatomical proprioception. 

New directions for movement give us a way to continue this practice in our daily lives and is the basis of this work. This workshop will take us through the basic understanding and practice of the Alexander Technique principles. These principles will provide a foundation of body-mind awareness which you can apply to all aspects of your life process including: sitting, walking, talking, eating, dancing, singing, playing instruments and building relationships etc. We will also learn the basics of giving and receiving the gentle hands-on techniques with one another.