Carol has been teaching and performing Voice, New Dance Improvisation and Contact Improvisation with a somatic emphasis for over 35 years in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Israel and Russia. She is a former member of Libana and Vocal Repercussions. She is a co-founder and teacher of workshops dedicated to movement research and performance: Acappella Motion, Island Movement, New Forms Dance, CrossRoads, as well as the curator/director of Movement Research in N.Y. from 1983-1986. She is currently the co-founder of Moving On Center-School of Participatory Arts and Somatic Research (1994-current). Teaching venues have included Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, Stanford University, Tufts University, Theater School of Modern Dance (Holland), European Dance Development Center or EDDC (Holland), Bevegungs-Art (Germany), Tanzfabrik (Germany), Chisenhale (England), Javeriana University (Bogata, Columbia), Movement Research (New York) and numerous international festivals. She has performed solo and in collaboration with performers such as Simone Forti, Andrew Harwood, Daniel Lepkoff, Kirstie Simpson, Julyen Hamilton, Nancy Stark Smith, Jess Curtis, Anna Halprin, Vitali Kononov, Paul Langland and Angus Balbernie. Additionally, she has initiated many collaborative research labs and mentored a work-group of dance artists committed to improvisational performance for four years. Her studies and work have been greatly influenced by Steve Paxton, Simone Forti, Anna Halprin, Andre Bernard, Ruth Zaporah, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Meredith Monk, Daniel Lepkoff, Release Technique, Roy Hart Theater, Balkan Singing, Process Work, Hakomi Method, Aikido and numerous other artists and art forms, nature and politics.