Songs and Games

for Community Building

This course presents games and songs to use for community building and the skillful shifting of group energy. 

These are games and songs that have been culled from many different contexts and parts of the world. They are taught in the spirit of play within the context of community building. 

This play is effective in encouraging co-operation, breaking down barriers, building trust, having fun/relaxing, recuperating, taking a break, or ‘changing channels’ or learning modes (e.g. from cognitive to kinesthetic). Facilitators will learn and practice the art of knowing when to intervene with play, and when it is best not to change the energy in the group at all. 

Selection of games in relationship to your groups ages, physical or emotional capacity, or community trust, will also be covered. Learn to teach games and make them as safe as possible for your group. Note: Not all of these games and songs are necessarily specific to bringing awareness to issues of oppression.